Press releases have been an integral component of internet marketing for some time now. SEO pros have been utilizing this tool effectively to market their sites and for a long time, they seemed to get the results they were looking for. But then with time, this began to be misused to a large extent, resulting in low-quality press release and PR directories clogging the internet. With search engine giants like Google changing its algorithm on a regular basis, many popular SEO firms found their rankings plummeting down since the Panda and Penguin update favored high quality content.

SEO and PR post Panda

Before Google made the Panda update, press releases were designed specifically for search engines, filled with technical mumbo jumbo and saturated with anchor text-rich links. However, with the recent updates in search algorithms, these links failed to fit in the scheme of things and have been dumped by the search engines. Today, there is a transformation in the way PRs are generated and optimized. Given below are some aspects that marketers should consider to get the best of the PR marketing for a higher Search Engine Result Page Ranking – SERP ranking:

  • • The PR should be able to engage your target audience and must give them newsworthy, high quality content.
  • • When writing PRs, know your readers and their needs comprehensively. PRs need to be written for journalists, customers and social media that help reinforce the SEO strategy.
  • • Try to use high quality distribution services that are associated with an authentic news service.
  • • Never submit same PR in several directories as that will be considered as duplicate content.
  • • Go for quality content instead of quantity links when submitting PRs in any site. Google consider a high page rank with more importance in comparison to multiple low page rank links.
  • • Do not insert multiple links for the same anchor text.
  • • You must publish newsworthy PRs on a consistent basis to keep your end users informed and updated. However, don’t keep distributing PRs every now and then. A couple of newsworthy PRs every 3-4 months is enough.
  • • Writing a PR just for the sake of writing one must be avoided. Some newsworthy topics would be an award won by the company, change in high management, new product or service offerings, etc.
  • • Also, the writing tone must not be over promotional; rather it must inform the users about products and services. Also, avoid using flowery language.

When done the right way, optimized press releases can give you a higher ranking in searching engines while holding the attention of your target audience. The link value may have taken a hit, but press releases are still an integral component of an effective online marketing strategy.
It is imperative to write press releases with the context of both search engines and social media networks in perspective. This ensures that your content reaches out to both your target audience as well as journalists on the scout for newsworthy topics. Trust to make your website well optimized and engaging to attract search engines and target audience.

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